Reading Between The Lines

Oregon Coast Learning Institute.Reading Between the Lines of Whitewashed Jacarandas

Reading Between the Lines of Whitewashed Jacarandas

I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some simply marvelous audiences since the launch of my book in August, selling at book fairs up and down the wonderful Oregon coast during an unseasonably warm and dry Fall.

The audience at Connie Hansen Gardens as guest author of the month was really warm, almost like family, with my long association there as past president of Ocean Spray Garden Club and volunteer at the gardens. I was even treated to a surprise presentation of a yellow rose by Mary Anne Borst, from Vancouver, WA who came down especially for the event!

Mary Anne Borst from Vancouver Washington and I at Connie Hansen Garden Oct 2015

Mary Anne Borst from Vancouver Washington and me at Connie Hansen Garden Oct 2015

On my 69th birthday I presented a potpourri of history, followed by reading a few lines from Whitewashed Jacarandas and then reading between the lines to share some insights, incite some discussion, pose some what if’s and ponder about the future…all in two hours to a terrific audience of about 70 Oregon Coast Learning Institute members. It was a roller coaster ride, for all—including me! I ran out of books to sell before we all adjourned for lunch at Salishan Lodge’s Sun Room on a glorious sunny day. (It can’t go on forever surely?)

Saturday I am off to Salem’s Central Library’s fourth annual Authorama in the heart of the Willamette wine country for an afternoon of sales and signings and camaraderie with the 40 other local authors and I think this will wrap up engagements until after the holidays, picking it up again January 9, 2016 with a library reading and book signing with the Newport Public Library.  Ask your local library to stock the book!


I am  going to spread my wings a bit and reach beyond the comforts of Oregon later in the New Year, and I’m considering attending the Historical Novel Society’s UK Conference in Oxford on Sept 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of September 2016. Let me know if you’re around those dates I’d be happy to talk to your local library, institute or book club. Let me hear from you and we will set up a schedule around these dates.  And State side I’m ready to fly!

el Society Conference Oxford Logo 2016

Historical Novel Society Conference Oxford 2016


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