Never Underestimate the Coastal Crones

Never Underestimate The Coastal Crones

After all the recluse years I am finally out and about and loving it! I’ve done Library Presentations, Organizational Lectures, Conservatory Talks, How To Sessions Book Fairs,  and Book Club Discussions.

My last invitation to join the Coastal Crones Book Club found me summiting Cape Foulweather (so called by Captain Cook in 1778). Hurtling down the other side and up another mountain at night in deep fog I was welcomed in with open arms (careful not to spill the wine) to a bright warm kitchen busy with the aroma of cheese puffs puffing, salmon grilling and sweet potatoes roasting to the sound of African drums.

Hostess Teecia Cornelius had decided to extend the usual Coastal Crones’ dessert and coffee to a full scale sit down dinner with white tablecloth, fine china, candles and fresh flowers (at this time of year!) with a carved giraffe presiding at the head of the table and a map beside it for reference.

Everyone had read the book. A discussion on whether Sunny’s good deeds over the operating table absolved him of his neglect of Mavourneen ensued as we passed sweet potatoes and braised broccoli. We moved on to the pro’s and cons of selective immigration following WWII and current immigration issues today. We talked about the infectious diseases which challenged Sunny in his day, and still do in Africa, and the new challenges presented by the Zika virus. We talked about the book writing process and how the book evolved from being a ‘when we’ family saga to embrace the community with all the wonderful stories the subscribers offered me which so enriched the book. Then we touched on the Southern Rhodesian experience within the context of world events at the time which gives it its universal appeal as we slid into the smoothest caramel cream with a dot of Nutella and sprinkle of Oregon grown filberts accompanied by a square of Matron Griffin’s to-die-for shortbread and a shot of Amarula to cap off the night.

With all the fellowship and fun it was a night to remember. A velvet sky and bright stars lit the way home. That’s Oregon unpredictability for you!

Photo caption: Coastal Crones since 1996: Left side of the table front: hostess Teecia Cornelius, Beth Hubbard, Jean Severson, Anne Stangeland and Sandi Williams. Continuing in the back on the right side of the table are Karin Dunaway, Joie Harrington and Linda Sorokin. Missing member not in the picture Sandy Blackman. Absent Shelly Paeth, Paula Sampson, Sharon Beardsley and Alyce Bogaard.

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