Keeping Their Hats On

With all the negative rhetoric over Empire we might be well to remind ourselves that without the participation of her Empire Britain would not have prevailed against Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito and we’d all be speaking German today.

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Going Home! Come for Tea.

Going Home! Come For Tea

Going Home? Well, not quite back to where I was born and brought up in a swimming pool but back to Johannesburg which I also oncecalledhome and beyond to Botswana, new territory for me.

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Another Spotlight: Collusion before the Holocaust

As I wrote and rewrote my novel Whitewashed Jacarandas, the first of a series culminating just before UDI, I didn’t intend it to have a strong Jewish focus–it’s just the way it evolved. Readers might be taken aback by Sunny’s contradictory reactions to anti-Semitism on the Cheetah Mine in 1946. It was a very conflicted era.

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Never Underestimate the Coastal Crones

Never Underestimate The Coastal Crones

After all the recluse years I am finally out and about and loving it! I’ve done Library Presentations, Organizational Lectures, Conservatory Talks, How To Sessions Book Fairs, and Book Club Discussions.

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Matron Griffin’s To-Die-For Shortbread

Matron Griffin’s To-Die-For Shortbread.

One of my favorite chapters in Whitewashed Jacarandas is the one about the tea at Umzimtuti Hospital on Christmas morning when Matron Griffin circulates her to-die-for shortbread and Dr. Sunny Rubenstein bites off more than he can chew…you’ll have to read the book to find out what happens next.

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Reading Between The Lines

Oregon Coast Learning Institute.Reading Between the Lines of Whitewashed Jacarandas

Reading Between the Lines of Whitewashed Jacarandas. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some simply marvelous audiences since the launch of my book in August, selling at book fairs up and down the wonderful Oregon coast during an unseasonably warm and dry Fall.

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