Gabby Turnbull Our Celebrated English Teacher


Que Que High School Entrance Post Independence in 1980 with the name change. Lets call it the Blues period. I remember it in the Colonial whitewash period.  Photo by Lynn May

Gabby Turnbull Our Celebrated English Teacher

Gabby Turnbull, our much loved  English teacher, was small in stature but had a ramrod straight back, said to be the result of a WWII injury that he never mentioned.  Even the boys took an interest in English Literature as he guided classes through Twelfth Night (what a struggle!) and challenged us with the Canterbury Tales and the convolutions of The Mayor of Casterbridge.  Some old boys remember him joining them for a quick smoke near the school bus. He  was editor and producer of the Que Que High School Magazine for many years.  Here is his editorial from the 1959 edition:

An Editorial from Gabby Turnbull Our Celebrated English TeacherQue Que High School Editorial 1959

Thanks to Tess (Banfield) Harris for the Magazine find and to Lynn May, 2007  for the school photo via the QQHS facebook site.