Predictions from a Que Que High School Student


Que Que High School Magazine 1959. A really fun submission by Morris Sloman

Predictions from a Que Que High School Student

Que Que High School was the only high school for the whole district.   All kinds of kids went there.  Here’s a submission to the High School Magazine from Morris Sloman in Form 1A (US equivalent Grade 8) in 1959 age 12.  Many of his fanciful suggestions for improvement are common practice today.

Que Que High School Magazine 1959. Improvements at School by Morris Sloman

Improvements at School submitted to the Que Que High School Magazine 1959 by Morris Sloman Form 1A

Predictions from a Que Que High SchooL Student

Currently, Morris is Professor of Distributed Systems Management, Dean of Engineering, Deputy Head of Department and Head of the Distributed Software Engineering Section of the Department of Computing at Imperial College, London.

Like a number of other families of means from Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), the Copperbelt in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia), and Bechuanaland (now Botswana),  Morris’s older brother Aaron, Professor Emeritus, School of Computer Science at Birmingham University, was sent to private boarding schools in Cape Town from the age of eleven. This entailed a three day train journey, unaccompanied, returning home to Que Que semi-annually for the school holidays.

However, Morris, much younger, was schooled in Que Que, and does not seem to have suffered by going to Que Que High School and wanting to do very little work!

Slomans funded the Que Que High School library.

Redcliff will be celebrating the good start so many of us received at Que Que High School at the reunion in Amanzimtoti on August 6, thanks to Valarie Jackson’s organization.  This has stirred quite a bit of activity on her Que Que High School Facebook site:

Thanks to Tess (nee Banfield) Harris of New Zealand for digging up the old school magazines and forwarding this and a number of other gem submissions from the magazines to me.  Jacket cover copied from Valerie Jackson on the school web site.